July 22, 2024

As more and more businesses seek to expand their global presence, translation services are becoming increasingly important. Whether for manufacturing, marketing or customer service purposes, translation services are essential to help companies connect with an international audience. We offer low cost pricing translation services.

While prices for translation services can vary based on offer and demand, there are also several ways to make them more accessible and affordable. Here are a few tips to follow for maximizing your savings!

One Hour Translation

One Hour Translation is a linguist-led translation service that delivers accurate and fast translations. Its experienced translators can translate one 200-word document in an hour, and a countdown timer will help you track the progress of your project.

Whether your business is local or global, linguistic expertise is an essential part of your marketing strategy. By communicating in a language that your customers understand, you can better build relationships with them and grow your business.

Aiming to deliver accurate and fast translations, One Hour Translation has a network of over 15,000 translators worldwide who work with a variety of industries including law and legal, IT and technology, marketing and advertising, and business and finance.

If your business has a large number of content in its CMS, you can use the software’s translation API to automatically translate new materials as they are posted. The software also allows you to assign translators directly from your account. Moreover, you can set budgets for each department and control their expenses.


Providing quick and affordable translation services is the core of RushTranslate’s business. The company has a team of professional translators who can work with a wide range of document types, including support documents for green card and citizenship applications, medical health history forms and more.

They are also HIPAA compliant, meaning that they can translate all of your medical documents without compromising your patients’ privacy or health information. Their services are also available 24/7, so you can reach them if you need to get your document translated at any time of day or night.

Their simple submission and payment process makes it easy to get your text translated by a native speaker. They also have a large network of linguists to ensure you receive an accurate, high-quality translation in your desired language.


SimulTrans enables thousands of businesses to localize their software, documents and websites for global markets. They have international offices and are backed by years of experience.

Their mission is to provide translation services that make businesses more accessible and affordable for customers around the world. They provide machine translation (MT) software and human translation for a variety of industries, including legal, financial, manufacturing and technology.

They use MT software to translate websites, marketing materials and other content to help their clients build strong international relationships and grow their brands in the global marketplace.

They work with top Brands to deliver their multilingual campaigns, adopting the latest technology and processes to support their digital journey. Their team of experts take the pain out of delivering multilingual content for their clients in the digital age, helping to increase their global reach and improve their Brands reputation.

Translate by Humans

Translate by Humans offers high-quality, low-cost translations and a variety of other services to clients around the world. Their easy submission process means you can get the translations you need quickly and accurately.

Unlike machine translation, human translators account for nuances and cultural context. This can result in error-free and nuanced translations that are more accurate than those provided by automatic machine-translators.

Another advantage of human-translation is that it can capture the essence of a text. For example, machine-translation may not be able to recognize whether a text is meant to be informal or formal.

Cost of translation services varies based on language offer and demand (think Spanish and Norwegian). Prices are higher for languages that have few qualified translators and lower for more widely spoken languages.

NGOs, for example, often receive a flat rate discount on all language services. However, it is important to clarify this with your LSP.

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