April 22, 2024

In a place like Melbourne, which has a temperate climate, offers spectacular views of the sunrise and sunset, and is popular among tourists, decks are an attractive addition to all buildings. Depending upon the size of the building in the city of Melbourne, a deck may be big or small and may be used for different activities based on the user’s requirements.

A deck is an additional living space that places a person simultaneously in the lap of nature and within the boundaries of their home, as it is an open extension of a building. Futurewood is a company in Melbourne that can help you with all your decking needs, at affordable costs. Visit The Website to get a free quote and get started on your composite decking.

Composite decking material gives a good appearance to a deck, but those who want to use the deck after sunset must ensure that their decks are well-lighted also. There are many options for lighting a deck.

1.   Candles

Mankind may have come a long way from candles to LED lights, but there is still nothing to beat the beauty of a flickering candle flame for creating a romantic ambience. Scented candles will spread their fragrance on the deck. Candles can be set in alcoves or under railings in different patterns on different days.

Breeze may sometimes blow out candles. To prevent that, they can be placed inside glass lanterns which may be hanging lanterns or portable hurricane lanterns. Lanterns can also be moved around the composite deck to light different areas according to requirements.

2.   Mains-operated lights

These are easy to use since they just need to be switched on and off. But it is best to have their positions and patterns decided in advance since they may not be amenable to easy change. Composite decks can be decorated with string lights, shaded lights, or chandeliers powered by the common electrical system. Those who want to read can have table lamps also. However, trailing cables may sometimes create problems when main-powered lights are used for the deck.

3.   Integral recessed lighting

Integral composite deck LED lights are very popular nowadays because of their variety and their usefulness in lighting up steps, walls, rails, columns, etc.

·       For steps: Recessed lights, which are also known as can lights, are extremely efficient in lighting up steps. Even on the ceiling, they are unobtrusive and do not damage the appearance of the ceiling.

·       For rails: Small lights, under handrails or balustrades, illuminate the railing area and make the composite deck look very pretty.

·       Downlights: Recessed downlights are fixtures designed to illuminate specific areas, light up that area better, and make it easy to do cooking or reading, or any other specific activity there.

·       Integral deck lights: These are a range of LED lights that can be used in many ways for illuminating the deck. Some are fitted into recesses, some are placed in a way that they flush with the surface, and yet others may be strip lights or rope lights. 

4.   Solar lights

The main attraction of solar lights is that they are great energy savers. As they are powered by sunlight, they reduce the monthly energy bill. Solar lights can be fixed outdoors on trees or fence posts as security lights also.

All types of lights like string lights, fairy lights, rope lights, tape lights, and larger single lights on the deck can be powered with solar power. Those who have potted plants on decks can use small fairy lights among them to get a dreamy effect.

5.   Fire pits

A fire pit is not strongly recommended for a composite deck because the plastics in it can easily warp or melt under high temperatures. However, on cold nights, some may require a little warmth. If so, the fire pit should be made at a reasonable height from the floor supported by a structure made of bricks or other non-combustible objects. And the fire has to be watched constantly to make sure that it causes no damage.

Final Words

If deck lights are done with concealed wiring while doing the electric wiring of the main building, this can be a very good option because LED lights are very cheap and come in a range of colours. Rock lights fixed in the garden can also be used to illuminate a deck.

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