July 22, 2024

While the question of How To Make My Curved Penis Right is a common one, not all solutions are equally effective. Depending on the degree of curvature in the penis, a different training technique may result in better results. Listed below are several effective methods on how to make a penis straight. These methods may vary in terms of effectiveness, but they can all restore the length and curvature of the penis.


The Jes-Extender for curved and shortened penis is one of the most popular male enhancement products available on the market. Its unique design allows it to increase the length of the penis while allowing for greater blood flow. By improving blood flow, men can get a longer, firmer erection while preventing premature ejaculation. This penile enlargement product also helps to improve sexual confidence and self-esteem.

Unlike surgical methods, Jes-Extender for curved and shortened penis works by stretching the tissue of the penile shaft. By applying a controlled amount of tension across the tissue, new cells develop and divide. Typically, it takes about a month of wearing the product to see noticeable results. Although Jes-Extender for curved and shortened penis may sound like a good choice, it requires time and commitment. As with any surgery, it won’t fix a curved or shortened penis overnight.

Stage Technique

While medical procedures can be used to correct a curvilinear penis, many men find that they can’t have it corrected with these procedures. The Stage Technique uses superficial incisions in the tunica albuginea to straighten the penis, while Egydio’s Technique makes more incisions in the deep tissue. This technique has been proven effective in reducing penile curvature in men with certain types of congenital curves.

There are many different techniques to straighten a curvilinear penis, but the STAGE Technique is the most commonly used. Using geometric principles, the STAGE technique identifies the point of maximum curvature and determines where to make the incisions. This technique relies on the symmetry of the penile axis, while other techniques depend on guesswork and assumptions.

Peyronie’s disease

If you have a curved penis due to Peyronie’s disease, you may be wondering how to fix it. There are many options available, and the first one is surgery. This procedure usually requires a period of recovery before you can resume your regular sexual activity. If you have a natural straight penis that you would like to restore, you may also consider undergoing a specialized treatment.

Depending on the severity of your condition, you may need surgery or other treatment. In some cases, Peyronie’s disease can cause scar tissue to build up in the tunica albuginea. The scar tissue can be as thick as bone, causing the penis to curve when erect. The pain associated with the condition is also painful, and you may notice a distinct bend while having an erection.


While there are a variety of different techniques used to make a curved penis straight, the most common procedure is known as penile augmentation surgery. This procedure straightens the penis by folding and pulling the tissue in the area outside of the curve. The surgery is generally safe, and there is little chance of bleeding or infection. Surgery to make a curved penis straight is often recommended when a man cannot get an erection hard enough to produce sex.

After your appointment, your doctor will perform a standardized erection to determine the extent of your curved penis. He will measure the penile size using pharmacologically induced ejaculation to ensure that the penis is firm and not spongy. If the curved area is near the urethra, tissue around the urethra will also be removed.

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