May 25, 2024

Maybe you are underaged and not yet permitted to go drinking at a local pub. Still, you have heard from pals that you can visit a fake ID vendor online to obtain a counterfeit one to open up the world of partying and drinking.


But how do you know that the fake ID looks authentic? Well, to help you understand, you first need to be able to spot a fake one from a real one. Here are some helpful tips to get you started.

Helpful Steps to Spot a Fake ID


When you choose a fake ID website to provide you with a counterfeit ID, you want it to look authentic. However, if the provider does not do an excellent counterfeit job, you will lose your fake and even face some jail time. So keep the following tips on hand before ordering a fake from anyone.

Take Note of Errors and Misspellings


When you deal with a trustworthy fake ID provider like IDGOD.PH, they will inform you by email that your fake is ready and provide you with an image of the front and back to check. Even if strict measures are taken to make sure your ID is ready to be shipped, it helps if you recheck it.


The important thing is to check that your state ID or driver’s license wording has no errors or misspellings. If it has, the provider you used did a rush job. Also, check your full name, date of birth, and address, to your height.

Check To See If Your Fake is Scannable


As a state, ID has different security measures. You can still copy it without errors and misspellings. However, you still need to double-check your fake when you receive it. So before you head out that door to try your new ID, make sure it is scannable.


All government-issued IDs have a barcode with encoded information to match the information on the card. This included your age, name, gender, sex, address, etc. Most scanners can read the encoded data and easily spot it when you have a low-quality fake.


You could be in big trouble if your identification does not have the encoded information when a bouncer scans your card. Use a free Age ID app to quickly verify that your fake is authentic.


The app works with your phone camera, allowing you to scan the barcode on your ID, and in seconds you will know if it is legit or needs a second look.

Know Your State ID Card Features


While you may have a fake ID scannable card, you need to check that the state identification has the security measures that distinguish your card. You can do this with a simple Google search for your state ID security features to know if your fake looks legit.


Look at the holograms, duo color texts, fine lines, perforations, tiny light images, laser engravings, etc. For example, when you look at a Texas driver’s license, the number of digits is one of the security features. So you also need to look at the number of digits in the card number.


Some states will only have six or seven, while others have eight digits. Another notable thing is the length of the ID validity. For example, your driver’s license in Texas validity ranges from six to seven years. Hence, the expiration date is longer than expected. Again, it is a mistake that can give you away.

Do a Physical Inspection of Your Fake


Make sure to feel the front and back surfaces of the card is smooth from one edge to another. If it is thick or feels irregular yet bumpy, or has ridges, it is a sure sign that it will get you into loads of trouble using it.


Also, check that the edges are not rough or peeling and that it does not have square edges as the original one has round edging. The same applies to the card’s corners by using your nails to check that it does not peel back.


Feel the weight of the card and look at the thickness and see if the card is rigid. Then, you can give it a gentle squeeze to see if it feels smooth to the touch.

Do The Bend Test


All government-issued IDs use a specific laminate to keep the ID card protected. Furthermore, it also seals the UV imagery from wear and tear. You can do a simple bend test by bending your card gently in a U shape. Make sure the laminated surface does not bubble, as it means the fake ID vendor used cheap laminate.

The Material Sound Test


When you look at your actual state-issued ID card, they use polycarbonate as it also makes a specific sound. When you drop your card on a hard surface, it should make a ting sound like a CD when tapped on a surface. Do your test using your fake to see if it makes the same sound.

Feel The Card For Laser Embossing and Engraving


While not all states use embossed laser printing, some do. You find it on your card’s date of birth and signature part. The embossing they do with a laser to help raise the plastic on the front of the ID card without causing damage to the back.


When replicated strategically using added tools, your fake can look convincing. So, while the fake ID provider offers you a card, it must be laser engraved if permitted in your state. Many fake ID designers only use a Teslin card stock, and best if you can choose one that uses polycarbonate.

Holograms Per State are Important


Some states use holograms that vary from one region to another. These are used as outlines for the state. It is also visible when you hold your card up to the light. It looks like small watermarks or a hidden background image that can be difficult to replicate. But with an experienced fake ID provider like IDGOD.PH is possible.

Look at Your State UV Imagery


Depending on your state, you may find a second lighter image only visible using a UV light. The security measure you cannot detect easily with your eyes. It appears as the state seal in some states and is seen on multiple parts of the card.

Check If There is a Laser Perforation


Compare your fake ID with a legitimate one. You will notice laser perforations looking like small tiny needle tip holes that form the image on your card. These holes are so small and not visible to the eye and only visible when you hold them up to the light. The perforations also vary from one state to another. For example, you may find that the perforation forms the shape of the state, while others might be an outline of an animal.

General Tips

All of the above safety features need to be in place to ensure the provider has given you a fake ID that looks authentic. First, make sure that the above appears on your ID and is vivid so you can see it with your naked eye.


Furthermore, you should see it present when you tilt your fake and be able to identify it with the help of a light source when helping up to natural light or a UV lamp. Lastly, it should not be fake when detected with touch and sound.

Choose a Trustworthy Vendor


The important thing is to choose a vendor that can help make sophisticatedly fake or counterfeit ID that is difficult to detect that it is fake for your safety. The best part is you need not look further than right here to receive a fake ID that looks authentic as IDGOD.PH is at your service.


They cover all states, so you need not settle for a complicated back story supplier to party. You can get an ID for all 50 U.S. states and Canada. Enjoy limited-time sale prices, including free duplicates. Your fake will have a hologram, micro-text, and UV blacklight detectable.


You even get a moneyback guarantee to return your product if you are not satisfied with it. In addition, there are easy payment methods like PayPal, credit cards, and more. Finally, you even get stealth shipping that is quick. Your card will be made the same day of the order, and after payments are received, you will get it delivered to your home in ten business days.


So, what are you waiting for? A world of fun is waiting for you with your new fake ID.


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